A cold day, just got colder

Star Wars fans raised the grim flag of The Empire today at CD Projekt RED (Fot. M.Sosnowski)

It’s unusual to see snow falling in April, but this year winter isn’t coming to Warsaw – it’s here to stay. And this cold day just got colder: yesterday one of the most cherished game-development studios was closed. Many of us grew up with games developed by LucasArts, and to honor all the talented people who worked there, some REDs decided to talk about their favorite games from the developer. Let this trip down Memory Lane be our way of saying “thank you.”

Balazs Torok: Day Of The Tentacle. The funky art style, the jokes, the 3 different characters, time travel, a mad scientist, aliens, and the music! Runners-up: Full Throttle, Monkey Island

Michal Dobrowolski: It’s hard to say which one is my favorite. If I’d be forced to choose, then these two titles evoke the most pleasant memories: SW Episode I Racer – the first racing game that gave me the real feeling of speed; and Empire at War – there’s no better feeling than crushing the rebel resistance.

Pawel Swierczynski: Full Throttle and X-Wing! Boy, it was amazing! Full Throttle – beautiful, 2d animated, funny and challenging adventure. I was 14 at that time, didn`t speak English and had no idea what they were talking about;) But still had a lot of fun just by solving riddles. X-Wing – do I have to explain it? Star Wars game with X-Wings and Tie Fighters! I felt like a f***** Skywalker! ;) Thank you, LucasArts.

Dominik Gotojuch: Day of the Tentacle. I love all Lucasarts games from the 1990s, but the sequel to Maniac Mansion is especially dear to me. Not only was it hilarious – it was the game that convinced me that games can be art.

Daniel Neve: Full Throttle. There are so many wonderful LucasArts games, but Full Throttle will always be the one that I remember first. It’s got a great story that sits on top of some really good world building. It also has a fantastic sense of humour, which arises naturally from the situations the character Ben finds himself in, and never descends into farce.

Konstantinos Michalopoulos: Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II. One of my favorite FPS games, which combined run-and-gun action with clever puzzles (especially in the expansion pack), a mix of high-tech and primitive environments and open spaces like the dizzying vertical city Nar Shaddaa.

Jonas Mattson: The Monkey Island Series. The Monkey Island series will always have a special place in my heart; those amazing point-and-click adventures inspired me to work hard to become a game developer and I still play them now and again.

Bill Daly: Full Throttle = first PC game I played, awesome story and art style! Have been waiting for a sequel for nearly 20 years now. The Dig = Collaborative effort with Steven Spielberg as a writer for the game! Amazing adventure game! Dark Forces = It was like Doom, only with Star Wars!

Gene Rozenberg: I will never forget Day of the Tentacle, the first LucasArts adventure game I ever played. It inspired me to learn everything I could in order to join the industry that produced that kind of magic. It was genuinely funny and suspenseful. Every time I solved a puzzle it felt incredibly great, and this is years before the “achievement unlocked” popup! :) I am incredibly sad to see this great company disappear and will never forget their contribution to my childhood and my career.

Robert Oglodzinski: LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy. This was a first game I played together with my baby daughter. I am sure she will remember it forever as her first experience with video games. She already recognizes the famous Imperial March whenever she hears it and she is a big fan of R2D2 and C3PO:)

Peter Gelencser: I basically whined until my dad bought my first PC because of Day of the Tentacle. I chose the PC over getting a N64, because I wanted to play Full Throttle, Sam and Max and The Monkey Island series so badly. LucasArts managed to break my Nintendo fanboy streak, and that’s saying something. Thank you for those wonderful games; I’m very sorry to see you go.

Patrick Mills: My favorite LucasArts game is TIE Fighter, probably the best of all the licensed Star Wars products and a high point in the (sadly defunct) genre. I am proud to have been a member of the Secret Order of the Emperor.

Andrzej Kwiatkowski:  After 10 years from release, Jedi Academy remains one of the best sword-fighting games ever made. Never have I had so much fun with sword-fighting combat. One of the very few games where I repeated the same battles over and over, not because of unfavorable outcome, but because I wanted to play them better, use cooler moves, be more badass.

Maciej Szczesnik: My favorite LucasArts game is X-wing vs. TIE Fighter. I always dreamed of piloting Rebel and Imperial spaceships.

Jakub Rokosz: Guybrush Threepwood (Monkey Island series) and Indy (Indiana Jones series) were my guides in the dark times of the early 90′s in Poland. It wasn’t easy at first, as I was around 10 and didn’t know a word of English, but long evenings with a dictionary in one hand and mouse in the other paid off.

When I finally understood them enough, they taught me the essentials of life – how to drink grog, get the girl, and to always punch Nazis in the face. The most important advice, however, is this – ALWAYS have a monkey with you. You never know when you will need a wrench.
For someone’s loose screw.
Farewell LucasArts :(

Damien Monnier: Outlaws, which came out in the 90s, was a really cool first-person shooter set in the Wild West, where you played a gunslinger. It was the first game to feature a sniper zoom! Unfortunately I couldn’t afford the full game at the time and only had the demo. I would do speed runs of the demo over and over again and see how quickly I could complete it, by using as few bullets as possible. I was the most badass 10-year-old cowboy around, the fastest shot in the West. I must have completed the Demo about 100 times. brb going to buy the full game.

Maciej Sosnowski: Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. My mind got completely blown when I realized that the game branches into 3 different stories.  It also captured Indiana’s spirit and for me, that story should be filmed, instead of some alien/crystal skull story. Jedi Academy, Grim Fandango and Monkey Island are also some of the best memories I have.



  • Washell

    Doesn’t the fact that I see only one game mentioned (lego Star Wars II) that was released within the last 10 years mean that shutting down the studio was the only right choice to make?

    Doesn’t the fact that Tim Schafer’s (co)-design work is oft mentioned, and him already at work on his favorite genre means there’s more to come with a Lucasarts pedigree, without the studio being involved?

    Mourning the loss of Lucasarts was relevant in 2000. Now, it’s a long overdue decision that makes perfect sense.

  • Persia13

    Ok i do a Igni Sign for you guys to keep warm and make great games.

  • brandon

    where can i get one of those flags lol

  • stingertc69

    try battlefront ,kotor,kotor2 were by far the best star wars games ever and republic commandos

  • Javed Cygnus

    Without Star Wars modern CG would be set back a long time. It told a awesome story in a fairly innocent way. There games were always fun. I personally enjoyed Star Wars The Old Republic. They had so much potential. The thing that killed them was the focusing on the kinect and not on story and game development. Sad but true.

  • TheZed

    Quite a few of those games wasn’t even developed by LucasArts (only published):
    - Empire at War: Petroglyph Games
    - X-Wing: Totally Games
    - LEGO Star Wars II: Traveller’s Tales
    - TIE Fighter: Totally Games
    - Jedi Academy: Raven Software
    - X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter: Totally Games