Announcing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt!


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has graced the March cover of Game Informer magazine. Be sure to visit for exclusive, new information regarding our upcoming RPG. There will be a lot of info released in the upcoming days, so stay tuned.

  • AlexPryde

    it will be legen… wait for it… dary! Legendary!

  • Sloan Love

    PLease Please Please DO NOT DUMB IT DOWN! (do not “consolize it” or ,make it too easy for the console players.) PLEASE stay true to you pc roots!

  • Erick Jahzeel Maradiaga Mairen

    Holy mother of god!!!! The witcher 3 will be awsome, open world, its combat mechanics are difficult to use  but makes the game more challenging and fun, also its story is similar to the books of Geralt of rivia, from the original autor… This game is one of my favorites, but it makes me sad, that it would be the last game of the witcher saga, I as a player of the witchers games and reader of the books would like to see more games of it, I would like to see the saga grow and to see all the things that the witcher universe have to offer, more story, more games you know guys when you make a game this complete and with a huge story, it makes me want more and more, I will be the first to buy the witcher 4 if u launch it after the witcher 3, please mantain the saga of geralt of rivia make it bloom as the best game ever designed by you guys and thanks for making the witcher 3 happen !!! looking foward to play that fantastic masterpiece of the witcher 3 !!! And please consider to make more witcher games all fans want to see more of the story of geralt and its rich universe!!!

    • Keichi Morisato

      THEY SAID THAT IT WILL BE THE END OF GERALTS SAGA AND that they plan on expanding the world.

      • Erick Jahzeel Maradiaga Mairen

        Do u think they are gonna make another game of the witcher with another character?

        • Keichi Morisato

          yes, they have already stated such.

          • Erick Jahzeel Maradiaga Mairen

            Thanks man now i can rest in peace

  • Angel Jesus Luna Borregales

    Hi CD Projekt I just want to give you thanks for all your games. I´m from Venezuela and I really enjoy the witcher´s games, also, thanks to you I´m reading the geralt of rivia book´s saga and i Love it, definitly you are one of my favorite game´s developers and really I have respect for all of you guys.
    Muchas Gracias. 
    PD: my english is not very good…

  • Ikir

    :) I will buy for sure for my Mac

  • Hazel

    You guys know how to get your fans exited :) Please make this as great as it deserves, the books created such a beautifully dark and mysterious world. Btw why are there still open positions? I would drop everything and move to Poland if I had the slightest chance of being part of the developing progress of the last witcher game!

  • LudwigKuang

     i hope The Witcher3 can increase the skip function.

  • Hschraer

    Pleas don’t put any nudity or ***ual content in The Witcher 3, you’d get much more fans whose parents/guardians won’t let them get games with nudity or  ***ual content.Also, you should make Witcher 3 for consoles because you’d get around four times the amount of copies bought, due to most people only having consoles or not having a good computer/laptop. 

    • PCMasterRace

      No, Please keep true to the style of the books, Even if it means pissing off “worried mothers”. The rest of the world will be thankful. Also if you can afford a console, you can buy a good enough PC to run the Witcher 2 if you are smart enough. Maybe not on the highest setting. Keeping the PC the main system to be developed for is definitely the smartest way.

    • CD Projekt RED fanclub

       Ok, buy COD then.

    • Jobbert

      What!? That’s so stupid. CDPR shouldn’t scrap things from the game just to appeal to a wider audience. They always focused on telling a mature story to a mature audience. Making the game kid-friendly is ridiculous.  And they already confirmed that it’s gonna be released on PC and consoles. 

    • Brendan Cross

      The Witcher series is aimed at adults, so why make it more kid friendly? That’s just absurd.

  • nubis

    I love your games and especially appreciate the continuity between the books and the world you create digitally, keep up the sweet work!)))

  • The Lambda Man

    The only game that can be more epic than the witcher 2 is here.
    Thank you CD Projekt for bringing video games to their ultimate form.

  • Joni Paasikivi

    “We can’t assume that anyone, even a PC gamer, will play with a keyboard and mouse.”
    Just who the HELL in their full mental health would CHOOSE a damn gamepad over KB+M, IN A PC GAME??

    I though that as European developers, you’d know your target audience. NO, Xbox-pads are NOT cool at all, and TW1 was MUCH more enjoyable to play BECAUSE it was so mouse-centric!

    tl;dr: If you want to ensure great sales and my continued support, MAKE THE PC CONTROLS WORK. I Barely stomached TW2, it was seriously THAT BAD.

    • GeneralWoundwort

      Bullshit. I agree with you on the gamepad stuff, they suck. Why would I exchange a mouse for a fucking control-stick and who knows how many buttons for half a dozen? But the controls in witcher 2 were great, if you can’t handle them, go play with a fucking gamepad. Did you try any AC on a PC? Now those are shitty controls.

  • Max Trololo

    Hi CP! Thanks you for annoncing such a good news.

    Me, as consumer of my favourite game, just wanted to ask you to try fixing bugs before official game release. Because it was realy moraly hard to play game again and again with new patch fixes. I undestand, that it’s realy hard work in such big game, like Witcher, but it also hard for us to wait so many patches, to play normaly without bags.
    Thank you for you attention and for the announcing W3.

  • Igor Kom

    well.. i dunno will my voice be heard.. probably not. but anyway.Witcher, as you say, it is adult game. Game for adults =))
    So.. mediaval..swords… sex is already in it… so why don’t give it some more realism…
    what i’m trying to say is – people don’t die cause of amount of “shots” you give them with your sword, like it’s some sort of a stick, they die due to cuts and cutting off limbs.
    And, in my humble opinion, that’s it. This is it. This is one thing about witcher series it is lacked of. Not enough “amputations” (if you put it that way).
    really hope my prayers will be heard in w3.
    thank you guys anyway=)

  • Haris Ermidis

    Are we going to see a remake of Witcher 1 or something. It kinda stands out compare to the other 2…

  • Harry

    Hi, I love this series very much, I am looking forward to the next story of Geralt! And I am wondering whether Witcher 3 will be published on PS3 or not.

  • aidan

    Could you make it for mac

  • butterman smiles

    I just want to say thanks for the teasers on you tube and guys how long are you going to take to reveal the release date :(