Behind closed doors

It’s really annoying when somebody doesn’t close a door. We found a good warning for those, who (as we say in Poland) live in a tram/cowshed.

NOTE: No kittens or any other cute creatures were hurt in CD Projekt RED. We just slay drowners, nekkers and dragons by the hundreds.

EDIT: Some people in the studio were offended by the insinuation of being dragonslayers. To make things clear, there is a large party of dragon rights activists in CD Projekt RED, who would never hurt those majestic creatures, which the author of this post prefers to eat in his burgers.

  • Kamil

    the problem is I don’t like cats anyway… xD

  • coolio

    sup peeps

  • Zell

    I’ll keep opening the door then

  • Mirko Carusone

    lol :)

    However, missing an “e” to somebody! : D

    • Maciej Sosnowski

      Edited. Thanks!

  • Mohammad Kamal

    I have never seen a kitten die so happily :P .

  • Ioana Popescu

    Why so awesome CDRed?! I love the name of the file :D “Daleks-will-come.jpg” Because, of course, I saved it :)

  • Robert McGovern

    Want! I say this as the owner of 4 cats who sometimes cant go out :)

  • Przemek Czwarno

    Gr8 sign!

  • Pia Paulsson

    Ok I´l close the door. But no killing dragons! It upsets my snakes!