Cyberpunk 2077 inspirations

Our Cyberpunk 2077 blog has published some articles about our approach to adapting the pen and paper system for our video game. Mike Pondsmith himself explained, why he has chosen us to work with him.

Now its time for a new series on the blog. Damien Monnier (aka. Frenchman Extraordinaire or Cyberchef) not only recommends what games set in cyberpunk world are worth playing, but also lists which particular features make them unique.

“Whilst CyberPunk 2077 has its own unique, incomparable flavour, it is always important as a Dev chef to take a look at existing recipes in order to understand what sort of cyberpunk experience players have already come across and, most importantly, what you can learn from it.” – writes Damien.

Read the premiere episode of Damien’s cyber-cooking show here.

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