About us

Photo by:. Paweł Świerczyński

Greetings from Warsaw,

Back here at CD Projekt RED studio we love gaming. We are players and want to share our passion with everyone by developing complex, non-linear and mature RPG games. Way back in 2002 we started working on The Witcher, which made quite some noise in 2007 – getting over a hundred awards. In 2011 its sequel hit the stores and was praised by critics and fans.

We want to make games we would play ourselves. That’s why we crafted our own engine – the REDengine. It’s designed for our needs and really makes our jaws drop when we see what we create on screen.

This is not only a matter of technology. In a way we think of gaming as a form of art on every level. And that’s what we want to do – we create what comes to our mind. No limits here!

Photo by: Bartosz Czechowski

And let’s be frank. Our games do not only look good, but they are also a barrel of fun. The story driven experience is what we want to give players. Our worlds are unique – their morality revolves around greyness – there is no good or evil, only the middle ground.

We invite you to our blog, to learn more about us. So see how we inspire each other and move forward.

Photo by: Bartosz Czechowski

“Indeed, naught is more repulsive than these monsters that defy nature and are known by the name “game developer”, as they are the offspring of foul scripting and art design. Unscrupulous scoundrels without conscience and virtue, they are veritable creatures from hell, capable only of taking your free time and giving you the best entertainment”

Photo by:. Joanna Radomska