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Today we have an interview with two international members of our team, Jonas “Super Swede” Mattsson (Level Artist) & Damien “Frenchman Extraordinaire” Monnier (Gameplay Designer). These two fine gentlemen will tell you a little bit about living in Warsaw, working for CD Projekt RED and their favorite places to hang out in the capital of Poland.

One thing you love about living in Warsaw?

J: That it is a city that you can truly go exploring in. Even at first glance it is obvious that there are lots of things that you can do in Warsaw but there is so much more to be discovered on your own, little hidden cafes and flea markets (which I go to on a sunny Sunday for a bit of casual browsing) and of course the clubs and bars that often have live music.

D: Being from the countryside, I usually avoid big cities like the plague; Warsaw however, is surprisingly relaxing and has a pace of life unlike any other capital cities – Also Sushi bars everywhere!!

Best tip for anyone thinking of moving to Warsaw?

J: I was really nervous moving here, having spent the last 4 years before that in England and before that I grew up in Sweden so I really didn’t know what to expect. My tip to anyone thinking of moving here would be to first move somewhere close to or with easy access to the city centre so you can get the feel of the city and start to learn where everything is. Also, I learned how to say “I’m sorry, I’m Swedish and I don’t speak Polish” in Polish which helped me a lot in the beginning.

D: Don’t worry about the language barrier too much, master “Excuse me, do you speak English, please?” in Polish and you will be set to explore the city (also bring a good pair of shoes…).

One thing that makes CD Projekt RED unique from all the other studios you’ve worked for?

J: When hiring, CDPR looks usually at two things, your skill and your personality. Because of that the workplace is filled with awesome, nice, talented people that want to create the best games ever. There is no ivory tower with the bosses hidden away, very often you’ll find the head of the studio going around on a good morning tour, saying “hi” to people. It’s such nice, little things that really add to this feeling that CDPR is like one big happy family (sounds cheesy but it’s true!)

D: The quality of the staff. CD Projekt Red cherry picks the best developers from around the world and it shows; it shows in the quality of work produced here and how passionate people are about the projects. It’s a joy (and very motivating) to know that anyone working here excels at her/his discipline.

Favorite place in Warsaw?

J: This is a hard question because there are so many places that I like, but if I had to choose one I would have to say Powiśle, lots of bars, clubs, flea markets and parks. It’s a natural place for me to go to when I want to relax. (If I had two choices I would also say the Wedel Chocolate Factory, I travel past there every day on my way to and from work. I want to know if there are any Oompa Loompas working there!!)

D: Pawilony: Quaint little area full of quirky little bars where expats seem to naturally converge. Grab a beer and a shisha pipe, sit down, introduce yourself to strangers and make friends.

Biggest surprise moving here?

J: There is actually plenty of curry restaurants to go to (I am a bit of a curry fanatic!)

D: Trams are actually reliable.

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