Cyberpunk 2077 first teaser trailer – Night City needs you

Even the knight in our studio wants to be a Psycho Squad member after watching yesterday’s teaser trailer for Cyberpunk 2077. (Fot. M.Sosnowski)

Yesterday our first trailer for Cyberpunk 2077 spread through the web. Our friends from Platige Image helped us achieve a unique artistic vision, which really corresponds with the spirit of cyberpunk. Attitude is everything – and your reactions show that spirits are high for our upcoming game.

It’s because of your support of our previous titles, we were able to start a new team working on Cyberpunk 2077. The team, which is still expanding – just look at the job descriptions on this blog.

Maybe you have the talent that Night City needs.

Also we love reading your comments and we will do our best and try to implement them in the game. That’s why we celebrated the premiere of the teaser with the launch of Afterlife, the Cyberpunk 2077 forum. See you there!

  • Jester


  • TheRealMalek

    I could be interested in a job. But is it not too hard for non polish speaker to go to Warsaw ?

    • boskee

      No, not at all. Look up Guillaume Rambourg – he’s a managing director at GOG (CD Projekt subsidiary). He’s French like you, and doesn’t seem to have a problem living in Warsaw.

  • Argols

    English is our second language xD

  • Jhawks

    Looks excellent – just hope it’s a completely open sandbox – can’t wait

  • QLacius06

    Will the Turkish language option.Do you make Turkish

  • Lars Anderson

    Lookin’ good, guys! Hope you get the talent you need.

  • Kelkha

    I’d love to work in something big like this, being a game developer is my childhood dream, since i’ve started to play games, i always wanted to feel like i was in inside the game, these days games are like a wasy of getting money, not a way of entertain the gamer public and immerse them in other worlds.

  • Nina

    Hi guys.  I hear you make some decent games.  Any hope that you’ll introduce character creation and allow us to play a female character?

    • Brainz80

      I believe you’ll be able to create your own character from a selection of carrier as in the pen and paper version Cyberpunk 2020; these where solo (corporate hitman, basically), decker (computer specialist, able to surf the matrix), fixer (a dealer / “know it all” guy, basically), corp. or media guy, drifter, technician, cop, rocker and umm-m… a doctor of medicine; or they might implement it as in the later v.3.0 rules by dropping the basic carriers in favor of a talent / skill system.

  • SharpApple

    I am really looking forward to this game. I hope the new team is able to instill the same kind of mature story that made the Witcher 2 such a compelling game to play in any case often the problem with most games these days is that we concentrate too much on the visuals to try and realize the games universe treating it as the most important element in creating a believable and realistic environment. from my experience the other elements of the world characters, story etc are worth considerably more to the believability of a gaming environment. so much more that elements such as the story are the world. you can see the same thing in art in a way. for example if i created a painting of a landscape it isn’t anything special sure the skill involved in making that  painting is admirable but its just a landscape all i did was copy what i saw around me. on the other hand surrealist artworks are not real at all in any visual sense. but often they are symbolic the painting is a metaphor for a message that is real. the landscape might be a very good representation of a real place but that doesn’t make it more real than something that dose not exist in reality that could exist. the visual is therefor less real than your thoughts or feelings. when you are making a difficult decision in a game that is forcing you to think and act based on your views and values it is more real than a game that forces you to kill people you know are not real, you do it without emotion or thought to the consequence. even if there death animations appear to be realistic, you will still never be immersed in the game. and this is why Skyrim or call of duty and all those other games can kiss my ass and why the witcher will always be far more entertaining 

    • Knight Of Swords

       I hope they’ll take the best of both worlds ^__^

  • Protonian87

    This is some serious shit. will cont to working on it… 

    will you guys update for anything that have been shown!!

    more to the new IP please. You guys are my fav DEV so far!!!

  • Stefano Vargas

    Hello, My name is Stefano and after learning about this game and series
    for the first time I immediately became a fan and love the work you
    people do with this game, now I have a question and suggestion if you or
    whoever is in charge can please answer back, I am a collector and I
    wanted to ask and suggest if there can be a Cyberpunk 2077 figurines or
    small statues based on the main male and or female character and or also
    the police guys from the trailer, that can come with the game like for
    example a Collectors Edition of the game, can that happen? I ask because
    I know that the company Play Arts Kai and other company’s makes awesome
    figurines based on big hit RPG games like Mass Effect and Deus Ex Human
    Revolution and others that had figurines come with their collectors
    editions. Please answer back I want to know what you guys think of my
    opinion. Thank You for your time.

  • Arraqnz

    Ten, eee Jeż skąś tam, cesarz Nilfgardu ;p moje pierwsze skojarzenie jeśli chodzi o hełm ;D

  • richandcreamy

    One of the recording artists from the critically acclaimed indie game Hotline Miami did their own edit of the trailer!

    Perturbator – Future Club / Cyberpunk 2077 Edit

  • Grant T B


  • Misterpest


  • Filip-Adrian

    its very cool!

    I love the future

  • Josh

    It is very jarring on that trailer how an unspent cartridge is ejected from the police rifle… Other than that i am very excited for another CDProjekt game!

  • Dave Flamburis

    My God…this is the most amazing looking trailer I’ve seen in a long time. Fantastic themes at play here. Can’t wait.

  • blisstree

    Love the trailer, hate the music. I hope the music in the game is far better and more reflective of the cyberpunk universe.

  • Arjius

    ask me all shud build avatars liek you ar in real life man if you less sports then you slow in games maybe then pepol do somting more then eat pizza and pley sims 3 :)

  • Bastien

    Keep the maturity of witcher serie and RPG – Action turned game with futuristic environment and FOR SURE, you ‘ll release a hit or even better : a milestone in video game history. Trailer is really good and music, adequate. Perfect shot guys!