Fans visit us on Saturday – 8 years of The Witcher forum

The mysterious dev-knight waits for the Q&A session with the fans (Fot. B. Czechowski)

This Saturday a group of Witcher fans visited CD Projekt RED’s HQ to celebrate the 8 years of The Witcher series forum. The event was hosted by MM360, the community manager, and some members of the dev team participated in a Q&A session. After a quick snack and an Arena mode tournament, all the fans had a tour of the studio.

From the left: Tomasz Zawada, Pawel Mielniczuk, Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz, Krzysztof Justynski (the one with Homer Simpson on his feet), Mateusz Kanik and Andrzej Kwiatkowski.(Fot. B. Czechowski)

I had a chance to talk to Keth, the most experienced moderator of the Polish Witcher forum. Here’s a short interview about him and his cooperation with CD Projekt RED.

MS: How long have you been involved in The Witcher community?

Maciej ‘Keth’ Koński: Well, as a big fan of Sapkowski’s novels and PC gaming, I registered on the forum just after it launched, in September 2004. I was an active member and some time later I became a moderator. Funny fact is there was a “public” poll amongst members, so I was chosen by the community. After a few years of work I was offered an internship at RED, but I couldn’t abandon my studies in Cracow then, so we decided to continue long-distance collaboration.

Games – connecting people (Fot. B. Czechowski)

MS: How old have you been then?

Keth: Not even 16, I was just a kid.

MS: What’s different in the Witcher community, compared to other game communities?

Keth: The Witcher community has it’s own, specific atmosphere. Our members are awesome, they are active in so many fields, from cosplay, through filming short movies, to making Witcher-themed mugs. On the other hand, they are not afraid of expressing their opinions on CDPR and the Witcher franchise, even unflattering ones. What’s great is that CDPR generally listens to the fans and often makes the changes they desire – like implementing sword sheaths, changing Geralt’s face etc. Also, the “REDs” are deeply involved in organizing interesting events, contests etc.

MS: Can you tell me a funny story  from The Witcher forum?

Keth: For the last Fool’s Day, Polish moderators created fake accounts with names and avatars from the Moomins. They started spamming, trolling on the forum and then warning themselves. It was funny to see how messy a forum could look like without any rules or principles.

A traditiopnal post-event group photo. The Witcher devs and Witcher fans together (Fot. B. Czechowski)


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