Geralt gets a haircut

When designing Geralt’s appearance for the second part of The Witcher we decided to make some revolutionary changes. We remodeled his face so it would meet modern character design standards. We added many accessories, costumes and we gave him a ponytail.
And then all hell broke loose. We didn’t expect that a change of hairstyle could inspire such emotions. It was the number one subject in our studio. We tested and discussed many variations of Geralt’s hair. We asked our community in a poll and didn’t get a clear answer to our dilemma – the difference in the number of votes between loose hair and the ponytail was minimal.

Finally we agreed – the ponytail gets in the game. The hair looks better this way, it’s more realistic and pragmatic in combat and also it was much easier to implement. At the same time our fans were promised to get an option of changing Geralt’s hair in the future.

Well, promises are easy to make, but the execution was much more complicated. We encountered numerous problems: how could we change the bone system of the ponytail if it is an integral part of the whole character model? How should we implement the hairstyle option in the game’s interface? And finally, do we want players to be able to switch hairdoos at the beginning of the game or in the inventory (just like you switch between swords)?

Making the hairstyle optional meant many problems and was a rather low priority, because it didn’t influence the game quality directly. But we made a promise, so we had to work it in somehow.

Unfortunately we didn’t keep that promise when the game launched – the players only had the ponytail. We couldn’t keep it that way and since we already had some basic things done, we decided to release the new hair changing system in the next patch. The idea to change it from the inventory seemed too awkward for the team. The proper inventory icons should have to be among Geralt’s stuff – we could not imagine him buying or crafting those. Furthermore, a collection of scalps would look strange amongst potions, swords etc.

That’s why we decided to introduce barbers into the game. We added a dialog option to a NPC in each location, which allowed players to change Geralt’s hair for a small fee. To lead the players to this person we added a special chair in the vicinity of the barber.

Initially we wanted to add only three options: loose hair, a high ponytail and a low ponytail. But taking money for such a limited service seemed unfair. That’s why we added a ponytail made of all of Geralt’s hair, braids and a ponytail with shaven temples. That seemed enough to satisfy everyone willing to spend their orens on a new haircut.

We announced the Barbers and Coiffeuses DLC on one of our conferences

The barbers were available in patch 1.2 and our community liked the new options. Finally Geralt could take care of his image.

  • Sonic96PL

    Yay! I was waiting fot this.

    Dziękuje :)

  • DoubleR

    Czy wersja na X360 też dostanie to DLC?

    • Maciej Sosnowski

      To DLC już jest w wersji xboxowej.

  • MBH

    Yeah, but the the payment window, which appears when you decide to change your haircut, doesn’t fit – the price is constant (yes – 5 constant prices for each haircut) but player is able to “choose” the stake between 0 to [haircut price]. Maybe you can change it – for instance provide windows like: “Do you agree to pay XXX orens for YYY haircut?” “Yes/no”. Cheers! :)

  • Runya

    A będzie możliwość dostania fryzu z Wiedźmina 1? [rozpuszczone włosy rządzą, zwłaszcza na Geralcie! ^^]

    • Arek-g4

      Oczwiście, jest taka (i nie tylko taka) możliwość w Wiedźminie 2.

  • Lars Anderson

    handsome dude :P

  • Kwan Alicia

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  • a Dutch guy

    I was one of the players who played the first witcher and was on the fence when the new Geralt in the Witcher 2 was presented. I remember most people, like me being upset about how CDPR completely changed Geralt’s face. Making him look more like some American hollywood actor instead of the warrior with the wolf’ish features he had in the first game. So It’s no surprise the poll about his hairstyle was inconclusive because that’s not what the community was upset about as far as I remember. On a different note, I was very happy with the final Geralt for The Witcher 2 and that CDPR listened to their fans and community. Also the barber shop add-on is awesome. Thank you CDPR!

  • Shrumms
  • Karabanera UA

    I like standart ponytale

  • Utalken_2_me

    Hes just a bad dude

  • 123123

    Я із україни і ми дуже ждемо ведьмак 3 !!!
    Компанія молодець шо зробила таку прекрасну ігру я їй дуже вдячний

  • cheffer

    you guys really put thoughts and effort into the game, I swear to god I will buy every single version of witcher as long as it is published in Taiwan or China mainland

  • Artin Razavi

    The very fact that they pay attention to even the slightest details and listen to there fan base more than any game developer in the world makes cdproject Red one of the best game developers of all time in my opinion.

    • SAM

      Seconded wholeheartedly