No DRM in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – an open letter to the community

Hey, following our recent announcement of the distribution deals of The Witcher 3 in North America and Europe, there have been some concerns regarding DRM and previous legal issues with The Witcher 2. We’ve seen a lot of comments in various places around the web and we would like to join in on the conversation.

I’d like to say it loud and clear: The PC version of The Witcher 3 will have absolutely no DRM from day 0. Zero. Zip. Nada. It doesn’t matter if you choose to buy it on and support us directly or buy the game in box format, you’ll still get the 100% DRM-free experience. And this goes for the whole world.

We’ve fiddled with DRM in the past (Oh boy! How young and naïve we were;)) and that’s enough. Lesson learned.

Having said that, I’d like to thank you for your continuous support. You’ve bought six million copies of the Witcher games so far. Whoo-hoo! Let’s celebrate. Here, have some cake!


It’ll be on Steam; the team isn’t going to exclude that community by any means. Gamers have a choice in where they buy their games, but where CDPR does have control — like — there will be absolutely no DRM.


Marcin Iwinski
co-founder / Joint CEO

  • Francisco Planzer

    Grande CDProject, un ejemplo para la industria.

  • Jorge Domínguez

    Really proud of you guys! :) We won’t stop supporting your amazing game.

    • LordEthanol

      Me too ! Take my money guys ! :)

    • VeteranoRojo

      Aaaaand that’s why I’ll buy this game!

    • JackyBoy

      Agree – will be purchasing for sure

  • Colibri VGP

    Really happy :D

  • sidspyker

    This is exactly why we love CDPR…that and amazing games.

  • Talkar

    Thanks for continuing to not include DRM, you guys are the best!

  • Lycanthrope

    I love you, CDProjekt, I hope you know that.

  • Geralt

    No-Drm… But any option to redeem on Steam from boxed version?

    • voythas

      I’m pretty sure there won’t be an option to redeem boxed version on Steam BUT I hope that there will be Steam digital version anyway.

      • Geralt

        Well would be nice if I have to pay a shitload of money for the collector’s edition, also I don’t think there is such a cost to generate Steam keys, like many developers do…

        • voythas

          Yes, you’re right. But have you ever bought boxed game which had option to use Steam or not?

          • Geralt

            Since pretty everything now has some DRM, I can say “not” :) But digital versions bought as drm-free are often (or always) redeemable on Steam, though. It is just up to CDP.

    • haruo

      I’d love this option.
      Steam has the trading cards and, if I’m not mistaken, CPR made some things for Steam version of The Witcher 2 and GOG version received those things a way later.

      • Bruce

        Not to mention, the automatic updates and Achievements. In my country, internet is slow and expensive, so I buy the boxed games. Downloading large games from scratch will take days. But, still love Steam as a platform. I hope the boxed version comes with Steam (like Tomb Raider, BioShock Infinite etc).

        • jlibster

          You do not want automatic updates. They are hell on Earth. Don’t believe me? Talk to Windows 7/Vista users who don’t disable Automatic updates. Not only do they occasionally break something, but if it’s a .Net library update(it recompiles EVERY related file), it takes forever to run, and you can’t stop it without risking corruption to your OS. Saw a Windows 7 auto-update happen at a cashier desk in a fashion store happen out of the blue in the middle of the afternoon. Made customers wait to pay.

  • daPoukram

    The cake is a lie!

  • Vasily Shabanov

    you best guys. really happy about it.

  • TheTux94

    I’d like a release on Steam!

    • Vendetta11

      I’m sure they will..

      • TheTux94

        I hope. Steam is considered as a DRM by some people but I like to have all my PC games on it.

        • Aleksi Kim

          You could just buy it on GOG and use the “Add a non-Steam game” function. Granted, it’s not quite the same as buying it on Steam per se, but it’s good enough for me at least.

          • TheTux94

            Nevermind they announced they’ll release it on Steam too.

        • Chromie

          You can put games on steam with no DRM. CDPR chooses not to. There are games on steam that will launch with Steam not even open.

          • jlibster

            Will they launch if you install them without Steam pre-installed? If so, I acknowledge Steam has a few DRM-free options. I’d be interested in finding out.

        • jlibster

          Steam monitors your installs from them. Technically speaking, that is DRM. I’m told there is a way of running their games off-line, possibly a way of extracting binaries to run without their monitor-ware, but its not exactly non-techie friendly. That is by definition DRM, which is why many large companies will distribute their games on Steam but won’t distribute to GOG because GOG is strictly DRM-free. That said, CD Projeckt Red has already stated they would release their game on Steam, indicating belief in freedom of choice where people get their games, but they made clear the DRM on Steam has nothing to do with them. So in fact, CD Projeckt Red themselves have recognized the Steam engine as a form of DRM. It may not be as invasive as EA’s (whose newest DRM actually scans your text and doc files…WTF?!?) but it’s still there to “manage” your purchases and prevent copying to other machines at the same time.

  • Niklas Wiklund

    And yet again CDProject proves me right in the opinion that they are the best studio we could possibly ask for.

  • Donte FusroDah Dillon

    Thank you CDPR! I can not WAIT!

  • nikko lazo

    Thanks guys, we will not disappoint you, and you will do the same ;)

  • Adnistral

    And when i get my phyical copy can i connect it with the steam?

  • Andrew T.

    Thank you! You guys never disappoint! Hopefully you’ll never give up on the Witcher franchise.

  • gal

    yumm yumm cake

    I LOVE YOU CDPR, BEST developer EVER <3

  • Helder Sousa

    And this is why you guys are the best studio ever!

  • Anthony Pitts

    Love it! I bought Witcher 2 on just about every platform I own. And 4 times on PC alone haha. I prefer to go Steam when I can, but you guys deserve the support from buying direct from GOG!

    Now when can I preorder this baby?

    • David Bandel

      what kind of moron buys a game multiple times?

      • Griffin Craft

        someone who likes to support the developers?

        • David Bandel

          developers are paid salaries. try again

          • Numero Uno

            That would be the case only if the developer team did make game for the distributor company – where the second one would take all the benefits from sales.
            CDP is a distributor and developer at the same time so “the money stays in the family”.

      • ZoidbergForPresident

        What kind of moron call people who support their fave devs, morons?

        • David Bandel

          malformed question. someone who does that isn’t necessarily a moron.

      • Chokaa

        I’ve bought it about 5 times, because I gift it away to peoples who have yet to experience it. Plus, it is annoying when one of my friends references themself as a gamer yet they only play WoW and Candy Crush. Witcher, Overlord , and Portal have become my go-to giftpack when I feel somebody needs a smack in the head

        • David Bandel

          legit reason

      • Anthony Pitts

        Hey David!

        It’s nice to meet a fellow fan of The Witcher! It’s my favorite of the current gen.

        You seem to have answered the question you posed to me in your post below:

        “malformed question. someone who does that isn’t necessarily a moron.”


        • David Bandel

          incorrect. it was the answer to a different question and does not apply to the question i asked you. you are a moron for buying the game multiple times.

          and it should be obvious that i’m not literally asking for you to qualify the “type” of moron you are. but to explain the nature of your moronic thinking that led you to buy multiple copies of the same game.

          do you really love publishers that much?

          your $ goes to the publishers. not the developers.

          • aa

            Buy on GOG.

          • Cezary

            David, each copy of a game provides additional income to a developer. If a developer wouldn’t get money from sold copies they wouldn’t be worried about sales, wouldn’t they?


            “You’ve bought six million copies of the Witcher games so far. Whoo-hoo! Let’s celebrate. Here, have some cake!”

            Are they happy only because publisher earned more money? No, they are happy because each copy sold boost their reputation as well as budget for future investments.

            If a game is good and someone wants to support a developer, one of the ways of doing that would be to buy more copies.

            More copies sold = more money.

            More money = more resources to make future games

            Person who buy more copies can be qualified as a dedicated supporter, not a moron.

            It just seems very silly that you call someone who support a game, you also like, a moron.

            No cake for you, Dave.

          • David Bandel


          • Jerzy Rutkowski

   is property of cdproject, and 12 times they got money:P

      • Sander Brown

        Someone who has several platforms or who wishes to gift his friends with the game, maybe?

    • dirka

      i bought witcher two 12 times !

  • Guillermo

    Men, just release the game! Lol!

  • Борис Стоянов

    Precious! Faith in the gaming industry – restored!

  • Morten R

    Best game developers in existence.

  • Mariusmssj

    Good Guy CDPR :)

  • Jiří

    Only real fans pay for your game without regret :)
    I am betwen them :)

  • Thales Campos

    Thanks for your policies…
    Thanks for your games…
    I’m really happy there are some sellers respecting their buyers like you do.

  • Simon

    I’ll admit it freely: The paranoid DRM management of big companies and their player-unfriendliness has made me the type of gamer who first gets pirated versions, tries the games out and then buys those that he wants to play fully. If they piss on me, I’ll piss on them. And what is legal does not have to be right, so fuck the law. That being said, I have both enhanced editions of Witcher 1 and 2 on my shelf and I do not regret one single cent of those investments. I’m so glad to see you guys are finally getting it right and start trusting gamers that they’ll pay for what they love. Witcher 3 – I’m buying!!

    • David Bandel

      “And what is legal does not have to be right, so fuck the law.”


      • John Campos

        And what is illegal isn’t necessarily right either.

    • Sander Brown

      DRM exist exactly because people like you pirate games. That being said, I understand the reason why you choose to download a pirate copy first, then maybe buy the game. I really miss the times when even the big game dev studios were releasing demos first, so that we, the buyers, could try the game before investing time – and a LOT of money – in it

  • Rocket Punch

    Very excited about W3:WH

  • Joshua Naylor

    This is awesome. Please open Witcher 3 preorders soon! Can’t wait!!

  • Fares Idri

    OH NOES!

    Without DRM I don’t feel like a potential criminal anymore!…

    XD Thank you guys!

  • Dorfus

    Best. Game. Company. Ever.

  • Bruno

    Thank you for teaching the gaming industry that treating customers with respect is the best way to go. I will keep supporting and CDProjekt RED as long as you guys keep fighting the good fight.

  • Noctis Smith

    Thank you Based CDProjekt :datass

  • Jake Mertz


  • Arda Kılıçdağı

    Great news! one thing concerns me though: When we buy through steam, Will you guys provide a backup on GOG like you’ve done on Witcher 2? I like to have a no-drm backup even if I purchase over Steam.

  • LordRayden

    Thats the way, as always can’t wait to buy it!!!

  • Kosmit

    You have my sword… and my money! I am proud of you guys!

  • s_fnx

    I’ll get it on Steam!

  • Reza Gerami

    You leave me no choice. I shall have to buy two copies: one from and one boxed version. Just because.

  • BenTargaryen

    Wait… Is this just for the PC version? Or all versions? Specifically, the PS4 version.

  • TheRealMalek

    Damn if i were still working in the video game industries (and would know a little of the polish language) i would apply to any open programer psot !

    • Nilhilion

      You don’t need to know Polish, as of now at least a half of CDPR staff are foreigners ;)

  • Jara

    Thank you CD Projekt! Truly the most amazing company in the whole industry!

  • Shuuya

    ima gonna buy it

  • veryblackraven

    Thanks Marcin.

    Just like you’ve already said in Kiev – no DRM.

    I love CDP.
    Should probably buy it on GOG to show my love.

  • Koray

    Absolutely buying this. Well deserved!

  • teknoman

    they seem to be the only people who learned the lesson that DRM = waste of money that could be used for actual game development.
    others still think that torturing the customers is the way to save their profit

    • Sander Brown

      It’s not the devs, it’s the corps behind the devs who enforce DRM. EA and other money-shitting f*ckers are so afraid of losing 5-10% of potential sales that they spur entire communities

  • Dave

    When companies do things like this it makes you wanna buy multiple copies… (bought W2 x 2 and W1 x 3)….

  • Thiago Ferreira de Lucena

    I’ll buy the collector’s edition (I hope they release one) and on copy on steam to show my full support, because more companies need to learn from CDPR! You guys are amazing :)

  • doug

    I love you guys

  • Tim

    This is one of many, many reasons why you guys are one of my favorite developers of all time. Can’t wait to head back into Geralt’s world again!

  • Daniel O’Sullivan

    Buying on Day one on GoG i always support you guys

  • dallas

    Yay CDPR, you guys are the best, can’t wait for W3!

  • Piotr “Jasiek” Próchnicki

    Ow…. come on, just stop talking and open the preorders already :D

  • Shay

    You guys are Game Dev Gods, thank you for supporting the consumer!

  • Sir Kostroman

    Amazing! Will buy day one!

  • Benoit Mendizabal

    Awesome. Keep going the golden way you’re paving for yourself. It’s nice finally seeing a dev/pusblisher caring about its customers over its investors.

    • Benoit Mendizabal

      Also I’d kill to get a huge trilogy collector box with one of those huge Triss poster….yeah that one xD

      Having this on day one of the Witcher 3….sshit now I’m drooling..

  • Ormkvad

    I love Witcher and looking forward to the release. Just let it be perfect !! EDIT: TAKE MY MONEY !!

  • Arek Sz

    BTW. There is already a pre-order on Amazon. More info:

  • Anthony Marchwinski

    Weird that the CEO’s name is kinda like my last name…

  • kinthiri

    Can I just say thank you?

    I’ve bought multiple copies of the games over the years. Boxed editions of both, both on Steam, and both on GoG. For no reason other than I love the series, the story and the premise, and I want to support further development of those.

    DRM is a huge deal breaker for me. Its why I support the Humble Bundle developers more than the charities. Its why I buy on GoG before Steam when I can. Its why I refuse to purchase or play Ubisoft games. Pirates are going to crack games and pirate no matter what. Nothing short of giving a game away will please them. DRM is an inconvenience on the people that legitimately purchase a game. In the worst cases, it damages people’s computers. At the very least, its an intrusive frustration buzzing away in the background. Even when its not visible, it still leaves a haze.

    Thank YOU for putting your customers first and thank you for understanding that DRM doesn’t stop (or even slow) piracy. Thank you for setting the example by which I wish others (such as Ubisoft, EA, all the major publishers) all learned from and followed.

  • gerald

    Thank you, CDPR, for not treating us like criminals or trying to tell us DRM is a service for our benefit.

  • Wielkopolanin

    I need collector’s edition. I really need it.

  • Johnny Black

    Love you guys. The world of gamers needs to know and appreciate this company. I dream of one day working for you in any capacity whatsoever.

  • Barlik

    Świetnie. Dziękuję za to zaufanie dla społeczności graczy. Nawet jak ludzie piracą się jakiś produkt to potrafią pokazać szacunek dla twórczości,pracy i talentu twórców kupując ich dzieła. Come on folks, let Geralt blow our minds once more. Cheers :D

  • William Martin Stewart

    I feel like I might buy this game, even if I only ever play it one day in the distant future, because this is what game developers should be doing.

  • Grant

    Man love you guys so much, I bought witcher 2 on steam and when steam made it hard to play i just went and bought it again on gog, i figured you guys deserved the extra money.

  • Cobalt Lion

    This seals your full support for your work from me. I’m very proud of your teams work.

  • Mat

    I guess thats few $ saved by not implementing any DRM software, smart move.

    Now let’s see some Cyberpunk progress. It’s been almost a year now.

  • adrian

    awesome :)

  • Shoveler

    Thank you sooo much I can’t stand drm. I bought Tw2 off of steam, before I knew about, I will buy it off there this time around. I have been telling everyone I know about good old games. Stay awesome!

  • MoFrank

    I haven’t played the other Witcher games, but i’m definitely buying Witcher 3 now.

  • IcyEye

    I have never played a Witcher game but on the day of release, I’m buying two copies from, one for myself and one for a friend, simply out of support for this policy.

    Cheers guys.

  • Meow

    I’ll be buying it the second it comes out!

  • Spectre100

    Sold before even seeing a trailer. You guys have been a stand up company and i am glad to see that the next big thing you are putting forth is going to be done right.

    I loved the first 2 titles, and that, coupled with this, is enough to guarantee a sale without ever seeing one single second of gameplay footage.

    Hat is off, gentlemen. May others take your action as precedent.

  • Felix

    After hearing about the piracy of Witcher 2 I went out a bought a copy, never played it as it’s not my sort of game, but wanted to at least try to off set one download :)

  • merkk

    I’m not sure if I’ll even have time to play the game, as much as i liked the previous two. But I will definitely buy if for no other reason then to support a company that treats their customers with respect, rather than treating them like garbage the way EA and others do.

  • Guesto

    Great, I also just heard you don’t need to know the previous titles to get into this game. The question is though, did you also learn a lesson on how to provide proper controls? Never played The Witcher since even the lowest sensitivity setting was way too fast.

  • Lars Anderson

    Bravo CDPR. Now can you get the rest of the industry to pull their heads out of their asses regarding this issue?

  • etegration

    i want to donate now. how can i do so?

    • Nilhilion

      Buy TW1 or TW2 on Both are on discount nearly every other month, so wait until it’s cheap enough for you, buy it and give it as a present to someone.

  • Anynomous

    As far as I am aware, and I will admit I don’t know the inner workings of the company or the process involved in getting a game on steam,An valve doesn’t force you to use the steamworks DRM componenet (CEG). As such some games on steam can be run without steam by moving the game files into a different directory.
    Will we be seeing a steam release that doesn’t use steamworks DRM?

  • Harlequin

    This is absolutely amazing! I love the Witcher series and will gladly support a game that realizes what a detriment DRM is to the gaming industry! You have my purchase

  • Alvord12

    If it is possible, could you guys make sure that the game is available in India, the same time it’s launched worldwide? The Witcher 2 was not available for like 2 months.

    I will definitely buy the game. Loved The Witcher 2 and I’m really looking forward to playing The Witcher 3. All the best guys!

  • Wade A

    Will definitely be buying from as usual :) Love the franchise and your company as a developer

  • Derp

    So, no steam workshop?

  • mukhlis

    it’s been a while since the last Witcher 3 trailer. can’t wait for new content to be showed! :D

  • anon

    i pirated the 2nd witcher and i feel bad because it was such a great game this time im definitely going to buy it on day one

    • ZoidbergForPresident

      Buy W2 now then! And all (mostly) would be forgiven!

  • Valhalla1759

    You guys are a pure shining light in a world of corrupt darkness.

  • Jay

    Thanks CDPR you guys are awesome!

  • Lokesh Krishna

    You have my money guys! Love you!

  • anonymous

    I’m planning on buying a ps4 when the Witcher 3 comes out, just to play it. I love the series and the great work you all have been doing.

  • Baba

    Now I want to buy it twice, just so you get more money.

  • Thilan

    This made me cry :(

  • Chromie

    But you can put games on Steam with no DRM. Hell I played Terraria today without even launching Steam which I bought through Steam.

  • Mikael Schober

    New customer right here!
    I’m gonna buy the PC ver. of W3 day 1 because of this.

  • Bearlicious

    And this is why CD Projekt RED is my favourite developer. You guys truly care, and show so much passion for what you do. Cannot wait :-)

  • Audrius Kliukas

    This is exactly why I’m going to buy Witcher 3 on day 1. This and because I’m sure it will be a great game, worth every penny.

  • Bruce

    Will the box version have Steam? I buy boxed games, but still like to have it on Steam for the patches and achievements. Also, will it have Steam Achievements?

  • ZoidbergForPresident

    Please, guys, do become the bestest, biggest, baddest dev ever and don’t ever leave!
    ps: what about pricing? Will we be able to buy it in dollars on gog or will you go through hoops again so that buyers get their value?
    pps: I'm most probably buying a new graphic card for this game, bought a whole new pc for the 2nd. :P

  • JL

    I usually buy my games on Steam but CDPR games are different. I gladly support them directly through GOG (more money in their pockets) if this means they can continue to be this awesome. Did it for The Witcher 2 day one, will do it for Witcher 3 day one too.

  • Piotr Habigier

    Shut up, and take my money!

  • Robert K

    That is the reason why CDPR will rise and deserve every buck. No DRM is self-assurance, trust in their own product. Something most companies, even the big ones, doesn’t seem to have.

  • stormreaver

    Can you please better mouse support in Witcher 3? Mouse support was horrible in Witcher 2 and I will have to avoid pre-ordering Witcher 3 specifically to make sure this is fixed this time.

  • Marcus H

    I agree, I will buy, play and support your games for the foreseeable future. This is exactly why! We as PC gamers have proven that we as a community will support those who support us.

  • Slobodan Nimcevic

    The best dev ever.GO CDPROJECT!!!

  • jlibster

    As a purchaser of The Witcher series and advocate of DRM-free games I’ve been watching your group for awhile. I remember being a little annoyed at reading there was DRM on versions not from (I purchased witcher 2 from GOG) and found it ironic you had to remove that DRM because it caused problems with frame rate (and some other minor annoyances?). One think I can say about CD Projeckt Red is you’ve been up front with us about your use of DRM in your games unlike other companies, especially EA, who at least twice claimed their games would be DRM-free and later proved not to be the case. I haven’t even looked at EA in over 2 years now. I deeply respect the fact you are honest and open with your customers. I respect even more that you have acknowledged the mistake of using DRM in Witcher 2 and have openly declared no DRM in your next release. (Steam adds their own but you have no control over that). Please let’s not have any last minute announcements to the contrary. You’re doing well with audience respect and trust. I beg of you not to get tempted into any action that would cause people like me to lose it. Overall love what you are doing so far, and look forward to seeing more. And thanks for this open, public announcement regarding DRM. It removed the hesitation I had about purchasing your game upon release.

    • AuthorX

      Steam doesn’t require DRM, though. There are many games that don’t include the DRM, including games with Steam achievements, and once installed they can be launched without starting Steam. Hopefully CDPR will allow the same with the Steam version of Witcher 3.

      • jlibster

        But you can only do that AFTER you install the game including any “taggers” they may plant. Allowing the game to run without Steam after it is installed doesn’t pass the test. If the install can be INSTALLED with Steam turned off, is the real. test. Steam may not require external DRM, but Steam I believe has its own. If a game install can be installed without Steam after download (not install) then I’d say it doesn’t require DRM including its own.

        • AuthorX

          Not really sure what you’re talking about, since Steam is the delivery system. Downloading and installing are the same action, once they’re downloaded you can run those games without Steam.

          There’s a list of games on the GOG forum:

          Which states that for each of them, “This means that you can copy the game folder anywhere you want and launch the .exe directly without being online or having Steam running.” So if you want to download Analogue or Super Meat Boy or Ben There, Dan That in one location and then move them to another computer and run them without Steam ever having been installed, you can do that. It’s just a game folder without any installer.

  • John

    And with that I just decided to buy Witcher 3. Still yet to finish Witcher 2, but hey, no DRM is awesome.

  • Ioana Popescu

    Love you guys :) <3

  • Shivalah

    Well i got Witcher 1 and Witcher 2 on Steam so i guess i’ll just add the 3rd there as well.

  • Cygnus_x_1

    Great Job. usually don’t play RPG’s, but I will purchase at least one copy of this game (maybe 2 for my kids) to support DRM-free gaming. Thank you very much!!!

  • Noy Briga

    THE CAKE IS A LIE! CDPR you are the best studio out there when it comes for fan support, and keeping an open ear and heart for your customers. You are awesome, best of luck with TW3!!

  • Keith Jones


  • Snufek

    Finally we can be proud of our country, greetings from Poland! (btw. not to forget history, but what our goverment and people are doing now is just ridiculous…)

  • Taigoman

    I bought The Witcher 1 not knowing all that well what to expect and it was great. Witcher 2 I was more keen and aware and it was ok, not because of the game, no, because of my aging computer showing it’s age, so now I’m going PS4 on this one, as I don’t have money to buy a new PC. But I applaud your attitude and be certain of this, if I ever come to have a good PC, I’ll buy Witcher 3 again to show my support for your wonderful ideas.

  • nu1mlock

    If possible, I always purchase games directly from developers. However, sometimes I do buy games from retailers like GMG and Amazon.

    I never, ever, purchase games on Steam though, their support is the worst I have ever had to deal with, and I deal with customer support daily in my job.

    That being said, I love Steam as a platform, I just hate their customer support (which is one of the most important things when it comes to purchases).

    Now, since I enjoy Steam as a platform, I have over 300 games on my account. But I still want to support CDPR as much as possible; which brings us to my question:

    Will I get a Steam key when purchasing the game on GOG? I have too many games to keep track of them all, which is why having it on Steam (without giving 30% to them) would be best.

  • Andrew Middleton

    Hey guys, I dislike your games. I don’t like the tone, gameplay, art direction, or characters of any of the Witcher games. That said, I’ve bought both of them, some multiple times, because of this kinda stuff. Please keep supporting the community like this, and we’ll keep supporting you.

  • yarrrrr

    One of the easiest game to pirate – and I’ll buy not only a digital copy but also a full box, probably even collectors edition. Why, when it’s so much easier to pirate than many other games? Because you guys really deserve all our support with your great games and awesome attitude towards customers!

  • Rahady

    I love The Witcher games and I love you guys. Bought TW1 on Steam, TW2 on GoG, planning to get my hands on TW3 boxed edition. Your games are my long term investment :)

    I got worst experience with always online Diablo 3 and Simcity. Nice games killed by DRM.

  • RootKiller

    Polish power! I love it!

  • John Campos

    I actually don’t mind DRM, I do mind pirates though. Developers should be rewarded for their hard work. Especially developers like CD Projekt.

  • iarwain

    Hooray! Now when do we get CyberPunk? ;-P

  • ranajay

    Take all of my money CDPR, you guys deserve every last dollar! DRM free games, 100% free DLC packs with tonnes of additional content…and not to mention, gorgeous AAA games; you guys are doing gaming right. This is how games were meant to be made and enjoyed.

  • mimamo

    I like it. I hoped you wont add the DRM protection to game… At least due to the fact I have “STOP DRM PROTECTION” T-Shirt at home and guess who gave it to me at Gamescom?

  • EndzeitTwelve

    Waiting for a pre-order on collectors ed ;)

  • Sander Brown

    In the world where people are dicks, you guys are the real heroes. I have bough Witcher-games, and will definitely buy the 3rd as well, because the story is great and the gameplay is fair, challenging and unique. Thank you for being the good guys and making awesome games!

  • Rasmus

    Woohoo awesome!

  • chickenhed

    Seriously. I love you guys.

  • Amer1ka

    Steam does not require DRM. It’s an option within Steamworks that you will choose to enable or not enable. My questions is will you enable DRM in the Steam version as opposed to simply allowing Steam to be a download portal like is a download portal?

    I’ve read on many sites that said the Steam version would have DRM which completely contradicts what you’ve stated above so I’d like it clarified since you do control whether or not the Steam version includes DRM.

  • Jeff Barr

    The cake is a lie!

  • RoKphish

    I haven’t bought a PC game for years, mostly due to heavy handed DRM … but I WILL be buying your upcoming The Witcher 3 ..I just read about Witcher 3 and the CD Projekt’s stance against DRM on TechDirt … You now have a new fan.

  • Drave

    Zakupię chyba edycję kolekcjonerską :D

  • Andrea Binda

    You just made me love fantasy games!

  • Savinio

    I’ll buy this game!!! Great work CD Project!

  • Renrawr

    Aaand that’s why some people are buying Witcher 3 to support cdpred and pirating games from ubisoft :)

  • kaeline

    Thanks! This system in Witcher 2 wasn’t very nice. Remember, that there’re many fans who would gladly pay for the game. You are one of the rare companies which listens to its customers

  • Just Passing Through

    I just want say to the developers of The Witcher 3.

    Do not feel bad that The Witcher 3 is going to be pirated. I expect that The Witcher 3 is going to be pushing high pirating numbers, not because of no DRM or because it’s free, but because I expect The Witcher 3 to be a damn good game. High piracy numbers equal a really good fucking game. If The Witcher 3 doesn’t get good piracy numbers then I would expect the game to not be so good. Just saying. The more people that gets a chance to play your games and seeing what great value your games offer = sales down the line, and greater day 1 sales for your next releases.

    Good Luck with The Witcher 3 CDPRED. I really hope you guys get good sales numbers. Not just because of having a good game but because of the no DRM. In this day and age, we need more people supporting no DRM.

    I can not wait for the steelbook editions of The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 for the PC.

  • Trago

    ill buy the game for sure and than pirate it too :)
    and than buy it some more to give to a friend

    Ull get my money all right

  • Ilovegaming

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  • Schnudolf

    Thats really awesome… Respect to you guys ! And thanks for the cake ;) )

  • Aihab Abo Galil

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  • Ricky Hoppes

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  • Sam duffy

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  • Diógenes

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  • Return of the Space Balls

    Pre-orders? Oh come on you nerdaholics.
    You don’t pay for a product before said product has been delivered into your hands. Geez, some of you really need a basic lesson in money management and/or economics.

    There won’t be a shortage, nor some advantage to pre-ordering.
    Stop being such lemmings…

  • Jeff Siro

    You guys!! are the best!! thanx for all!! we are waiting excited for your artwork!!

  • Justsomeonehypedwiththisgame

    Question: If I bought the previous The Witcher games on Steam and then I buy The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on GOG or in any other way, my saved files from previous games will be compatible?

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