E3 2013 – setting records and raising the bar

Dear whole planet,

We’re sooooo humbled by the amount of positive feedback we got that we just had to list everything in one place and thank you one more time. This E3 set a new benchmark for us and raised the bar quite high – TW1 and TW2 are really great games, but the volume of praise that we managed to get with The Wild Hunt blew us away. We bow before you and send sincere thanks! It’s both inspiring and motivating and sends a clear message to the whole team here at RED – it was worth it!

So, without further ado, here we go:


GameSpot – Best of E3
IGN E3 2013 – Peoples Choice Award
IGN – Best of E3
Official Xbox Magazine – E3 2013 Most Valuable Game
PC Gamer – E3 2013 Most Valuable Game
Polygon – Editor’s Choice E3 ’13
The Escapist – We Love It Award
GryOnline.pl – Best of E3 2013 – Best Game
GryOnline.pl – Best of E3 2013 – Best RPG Game
Games – The Best of E3
SB TV – Pick of E3 2013
Vandal.net – Best of E3
CVG – Best of E3
PlayStation Lifestyle – Best of E3
Videogamer.com – Least Likely To Be Absolute Arse Award
Twinfinite.net – Drool At E3 Award
4Player – E3 Best in Show
GamerNode – Best of E3
9 Lives – Best of E3 2013
Neoseeker – E3 2013 Role Playing Game
Neoseeker – E3 2013 Best of Show
Games Geek – Best of E3
Rev3Games - Max’s Pick – Best of E3 2013
Navigator – Best RPG E3 2013
Whatifgaming – Most Gracious Technological Excellence
Whatifgaming – Most Anticipated
Whatifgaming – Best Adventure Game
Whatifgaming – Best Storyline
Whatifgaming – Game of Show
Machinima – Best of Role-Playing Game E3 2013
Score – Best of E3
Gaming Illustrated – Best of E3
Jeuxvideo.com – Best PC Game
Jeuxvideo.com – Best RPG
Examiner – E3 Best of Show
Examiner – E3 Best Sequel
Xbox360 Achievements – Best RPG of the Show
PlayStation Universe – Best RPG
TechnologyTell – Best Swag
Game Debate – Best In Show E3 2013
Game Informer – Best Role-Playing Game
FleshEatingZipper – Best Role-Playing Game
TechnoBuffalo – Best in Show
Destructoid – Best Role-Playing Game
EGM Now – Best RPG E3 2013
GameTrailers – 2013 Best of E3 – Best Graphics
Ventura County Reporter – Best of E3
IGN – Best Reason to Upgrade Your PC
IGN – Best Role Playing Game
Hardcore Gamer - Best of E3 2013 – Graphics
GamerCast – Best of E3 2013 – Best RPG
Gametrailers – Best of E3
Gaming Hype – Best E3 Graphics 2013
Just Push Start – Best RPG of E3 2013
Game Republic – Best RPG of E3 2013
RPG Fan – Best Game of E3 2013
ABC TV – Biggest Surprise of E3
Games Master – Game of E3 2013


Game Informer – Best of E3 2013 Nominee
IGN – Best of E3 Nominee
Machinima – Best of Role-Playing Game E3 2013
Destructoid – Best of E3 Nominee – Best of Role-Playing
HardcoreGamer – Best of E3 2013 – Game of the Show
HardcoreGamer – Best of E3 2013 – Best PC Game
HardcoreGamer – Best of E3 2013 – Best Graphics
HardcoreGamer – Best of E3 2013 – Best RPG
GamersPack – E3 2013 Choice of the Pack – Role Playing Nominee
WorthPlaying – Best of E3 Nominee
GameFront – Best of Show Nominee E3 2013
Lazygamer – Best of E3 2013 Nominee
Flesh Eating Zipper – Best of E3 2013 Nominee
Dvlzgame – Best of E3 2013 Nominee
Gaming Trend – Best Role Playing Game Nominee
Gaming Trend – Best Graphics
Multiplayer.it – Best of E3 Nominee
Gaming Excellence – Best of E3 2013 Nominee – Best Role Playing Game
Gaming Excellence – Best of E3 2013 Nominee – Game of the Show
Gaming Excellence – Best of E3 2013 Nominee – Best Multi Platform Consol Game
Gaming Excellence – Best of E3 2013 Nominee – Best Trailer
Neoseeker – E3 2013 – Role Playing Game Nominee
Neoseeker – E3 2013 Best of Show Nominee
Vandal.net – Best of E3 Nominee
GameTrailers – Best of E3 2013 Nominee
Reset MX – Best of E3 2013 Nominee
XGN – Best of Show Nominee E3 2013
Zoomin.TV Games - Best Games of E3 Top 5
Electric Playground – Best E3 Nominee

Thank you!
CD Projekt RED




A message from E3 2013

This year’s E3 has been an amazing ride so far! It’s like reliving the first day of spring after a looong winter. We’ve got goosebumps all over and we want to share that feeling with you.

There comes a time in every developer’s life when the project you’ve been working on for so long is shown for the first time. Countless hours of polishing ideas, hundreds of brainstorms, bazillions of lines of code. And then there’s this one moment, the moment you show your work to people for the first time and wait for a reaction. It’s like exiting the atmosphere in your own private spaceship – you lose contact for that minute or two and wait. And then you either crash or hear cheering and applause.

We always had a vision of how we want The Witcher 3 to look and play. With several awards already hanging in our constantly packed presentation room and very positive feedback from journalists and gamers all around the globe, this year’s E3 is a strong indication that we’re on the right track. And that makes us proud and hungry for more.

There’s nothing more uplifting and galvanizing than sincere words of praise. I promise we won’t take anything for granted and that we’ll muster every bit of creativity and power we have within us to make The Witcher 3 an RPG you want to tell everyone about.

Many Thanks,

Konrad Tomaszkiewicz, Game Director



REDkit enters Open Beta!

The moment everyone has been waiting for is finally here! We are proud to announce the launch of REDkit, the ultimate set of tools for crafting non-linear role-playing adventures! The editor has just entered its open beta phase, allowing everyone who is waiting for The Witcher 3 to go back to the previous installment of the series and create new, amazing content or just play around with other modders’ creations. Read more »


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A familiar face

Look what showed up in our office the other day:) A statue of Geralt from The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. Now, this is pretty sweet!



Behind closed doors

It’s really annoying when somebody doesn’t close a door. We found a good warning for those, who (as we say in Poland) live in a tram/cowshed.

NOTE: No kittens or any other cute creatures were hurt in CD Projekt RED. We just slay drowners, nekkers and dragons by the hundreds.

EDIT: Some people in the studio were offended by the insinuation of being dragonslayers. To make things clear, there is a large party of dragon rights activists in CD Projekt RED, who would never hurt those majestic creatures, which the author of this post prefers to eat in his burgers.