The REDkit footage from Gamescom

Here’s a short video showing the REDkit in action for the first time! Marek Ziemak, CD Projekt RED’s Gameplay Producer talks about the basic features of the editor and takes you behind closed doors, inside of our GC booth. The upcoming set of tools will allow players to create non-linear adventures set in the world of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.

Everyone who is interested in participating in the closed beta of the REDkit, can apply here for early access.

  • Jack_in_theGreen

    THAT is great!!!
    Just a shame the video is TOO SHORT…
    We want more!!! :P

  • Matthew_bass

    I have got some really good ideas for expansions etc, and how the game could be made better for the next installment of The Witcher franchise if there is to be a Witcher 3. I would like the next Witcher game to be longer, and i would like geralt to fight more monsters, as well as humans. I would also like the world to be more open and more side quests. I really hope there is a sequel, and i would love for the story to continue from The Witcher 2. I have many ideas i would love to share to improve The Witcher 2 for example expansions that help put the pieces together in finding out what happened with Yenefer, but not the whole story of where she is. I would like her to be found in a sequel if there is to be one. An expansion that goes deeper into Geralt’s life would also be great from past to present. All in all i absolutely love the game, i just think there are a few ways that the game could be improved to make it an even more joy to play.